RPA Automation Anywhere and Virtual Box

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RPA Automation Anywhere and Virtual Box

Postby iAzhar » 23. Apr 2019, 07:50


I am new to this community and Oracle virtual box application.

I am developing an RPA solution for one of my clients. We need to to be able to push/install software on virtual box, Then validate if installation was successful and also extract the programs and features list from the virtual box.

RPA programs do not identify the virtual box objects and hence I would like to see if there is a possibility to perform the above task using powershell or command line?
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Re: RPA Automation Anywhere and Virtual Box

Postby socratis » 23. Apr 2019, 09:06

I approved and moved your thread from "Third Party Applications" to "Using VirtualBox". The "Third Party Applications" is a moderated area (says so in the index) and mainly for announcements, not for questions... ;)

What is "RPA Automation"? You may want to start by explaining that term...
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Re: RPA Automation Anywhere and Virtual Box

Postby scottgus1 » 23. Apr 2019, 19:33

Did a quick google, and assuming iAzhar thinks "RPA Automation" is what Wikipedia thinks it is, it seems to be an fancy automated method for interfacing with a GUI the same way a human user would, to get data into and out of the GUI.

iAzhar, if you are trying to automate interfacing with programs running inside Virtualbox guests, you may have an issue in that the programs running inside the Virtualbox guest OS are on a different computer than the RPA programs are. Think of the guest window as a remote desktop to another computer. Your RPA program will very likely not be able to see the various GUI objects (buttons, textboxes, scrollbars, etc.) that exist in the program running in the guest.

I'll give you an example. On my computer I have a program called Meazure (spelled with a z, yes) that allows me to measure distances between points on the screen in pixels, and I can scale to other measurements, like inches, mm, etc. This program can also tell me how big a particular window is. When I mouse over folders and programs on the host OS I get window measurements in Meazure. When I mouse over a folder or program window in a guest OS all I get is the guest Virtualbox window size for the whole guest screen, not the folders and programs that are open inside the guest. Meazure can't read those because it can't get into the guest OS to read them.

You may need to run the RPA software inside the guest, or look for RPA software that can interface with a remotely-accessed computer.

Virtualbox does have a command-line interface for running the "hardware" that is virtualized for the guest, and there are a few commands to get commands into the guest (see 'VboxManage' in the Virtualbox manual). There's also an API for doing the same things that 'VboxManage' can do on the command line. But I don't think there's an interface for picking up GUI elements inside the guest OS. I may be wrong....
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