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Recovering encrypted vdi file

PostPosted: 21. Apr 2019, 00:43
by maromor

I have by mistake deleted the Linux.vdi image of a virtual machine named LInux. The VM had an attached data.vdi unit that was encrypted and that I still have.
I of course know its encryption password and I still have the following VM files:
- Linux.vbox-prev
- Linux (WEBM file)
- Linux-1.16-windows

Is there any way I can recover the data in data.vdi ?

Thanks a lot!

Re: Recovering encrypted vdi file

PostPosted: 21. Apr 2019, 05:38
by socratis
What I understand from your description is that you had a VM named "Linux" that had 2 (TWO) attached VDIs; the "Linux.vdi" when you first created the VM, and the "data.vdi", a 2nd VDI that was attached to the VM, correct?

Then you deleted (How? From within VirtualBox? From the Explorer?) the "Linux.vbox" and "Linux.vdi" and now you're left with "Linux.vbox-prev" and "data.vdi". Correct?

ZIP and post the "Linux.vbox-prev" so we can see if the encoded password is still there, and if it covers the "data.vdi". I'm not quite sure how the encryption would work in such a case. For example you can't recreate the VM, that's I don't think even a possibility, because ... you deleted the VM's main drive.

Let's see what we can salvage from this...