How do I rename folder names and file names like vbox, vdi

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How do I rename folder names and file names like vbox, vdi

Postby Samyaza » 9. Feb 2019, 13:38

Hello, I'm using Virtual Box on a Windows 10 and also on a MacOS Mojave. I keep a Windows XP image for some old car software that runs only on XP. However, when I installed Windows XP I made a mistake and named the folder Windowx XP instead of Windows XP, so, the folder with the file got this name and also 2 files: *vdi, *.vbox, *.vbox-prev

The images was installed on Windows 10 and they I copied the folder also on MacOS. I installed VBox and just added the image (without installing again the Windows XP) and of course it worked. Later I realised I made that mistake and I'm the OCD type, I can't stand it.

I removed the image and tried to rename the files and the folder myself however when I added it back (and it added) on launch gave me an error message. I realised is not that simple at it seems. Does anybody know how to rename those? Is a command line? Or I can edit some file?

I just want to rename it from Windowx XP to WindowsXP. Thanks. :?:
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Re: How do I rename folder names and file names like vbox, vdi

Postby socratis » 9. Feb 2019, 19:15

Samyaza wrote:and I'm the OCD type, I can't stand it.

We should open a club ;)

Assuming you haven't manually modified it further from its defaults, it's a two "step" process; 1) the VM, its folder and related config files and 2) the VDI itself.

  1. VM Settings » General » Basic » Name » change the name to "Windows XP" in place. That will take care of the folder and the ".vbox", ".vbox-prev" files.

  2. File menu » Virtual Media Manager » Hard disks » (find the "Windowx XP.vdi) » make sure the Properties in the toolbar is enabled » Attributes » Location » change the name to "Windows XP.vdi" in place » Apply.
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