Workaround for issue with 'VBoxManage unattended install' of Debian Stretch (#18410)

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Workaround for issue with 'VBoxManage unattended install' of Debian Stretch (#18410)

Postby WildSAR » 8. Feb 2019, 01:41

ModEdit; related ticket: #18410: debian-stretch-netinst does not work with 'VBoxManage unattended install' because of incorrect install menu defaults


There is an issue when installing Debian Stretch using 'VBoxManage unattended install' because the ISO menu defaults are incorrect and "Graphical Install" comes up as the default. If you are fast, you can single arrow down to just "Install" then press enter/return and everything will work fine.

However, if you are trying to build entirely from the command line (like when ssh-ed into a host) or are trying to automate the creation/installation of Debian Stretch using VBoxManage, this presents a real problem.

I filed a bug (and supplied a workaround) to this situation. Attached to the bug is a script to reproduce the bug (cleverly named and a four line patch to change generated-but-not-yet-used <>isolinux-txt.cfg (/isolinux/txt.cfg). This is only a workaround.

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# to see the bug

# to see the fix
fix=1 ./

The script might be interesting to anyone trying to learn how to use the VBoxManage to build an entire VM (including installation) from the command line.

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Re: Workaround for issue with 'VBoxManage unattended install' of Debian Stretch

Postby socratis » 8. Feb 2019, 02:00

Thanks Robert for the info.
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