new 6.0 UI ?

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new 6.0 UI ?

Postby spongman » 11. Jan 2019, 22:00

I have to say, I'm not a fan of the new user interface for 6.0. It seems like things have been hidden away behind popup-menus that aren't always visible.

for example, if i have a VM selected and I want to create a new VM, I have to do this:
- hover over the tools item in the left panel (the fact that this panel is now non-homogeneous is a design smell)
- realize that the popup menu isn't there unless the tools item is selected (another design smell)
- click on the tools item
- click the tools popup menu
- click 'welcome' (why "welcome"? what does that have to do with the operations i'm looking for? - another design smell)
- finally click on the blue spiky polygon thing (seriously, tf is that icon?)
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Re: new 6.0 UI ?

Postby mpack » 12. Jan 2019, 12:00

I suspect that the best time for beta test reports was during the beta test period.
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Re: new 6.0 UI ?

Postby socratis » 12. Jan 2019, 12:25

I thought of that too mpack, but it's too late by then, the "logic"/scenery/setup has been decided.

Now is actually the best time, in time for 7.0! ;)
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