I've had it!

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I've had it!

Postby ChuckyBuck » 10. Jan 2019, 21:02

Somewhere between version 5 and version 6 Oracle has taken one of the most useful assets online and completely destroyed it. This post is more out of frustration than anything else trying to make myself feel better but I have had it with this garbage. I am now more than happy to buy another program for my needs than do anything further with this hunk of shit. All of the idea people and coders should be fired and burnt at the stake. Bye Bye Vbox you completely useless crap.
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Re: I've had it!

Postby ChuckyBuck » 10. Jan 2019, 21:49

One last thing. Please delete my account
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Re: I've had it!

Postby andyp73 » 10. Jan 2019, 22:59

Two things before you go...

1. We are aware of some issues with v6.0.0 but you don't have to upgrade to it. You can stay at 5.2.22 if that version works for you.

2. Whilst having a good rant can be therapeutic, do you want to give us some indication as to what has irritated you so much?

My crystal ball is currently broken. If you want assistance you are going to have to give me all of the necessary information.
Please don't ask me to do your homework for you, I have more than enough of my own things to do.
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Re: I've had it!

Postby mpack » 11. Jan 2019, 10:55

Here are some Facts of Life.

  1. If you want stability you do NOT go for anything with a version number x.0.0. You stick with the previous version. That's why the previous version is still there.
  2. You are not an Oracle customer. You are a test resource for actual Oracle customers. The time to talk about "buying another program" is after you bought a first program. A free download is not "buying".
  3. A 0-information rant of no use or interest to anyone. If you don't say what the problem is, you might as well (and did) say nothing.
  4. We can't delete your account, because you don't have an account here, you have an account on the Oracle Single Sign-On service. Please contact them if you wish to delete your OSSO account. Do understand that this can't be reversed in future. Even if you open a new OSSO account and rejoin the forums you'll be mapped to a new user name here, with no access to the old profile.
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