2 computers using the same virtual OS ?

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2 computers using the same virtual OS ?

Postby Arnakk » 8. Jan 2019, 01:38

Good morning
I am using a 500gb ssd at school esata . I have multiple virtual.
At home i installed a startech esata card on my PC.
When I plug my esata 500gb on my home PC, it possible my home PC detect the virtual PC I was using at school ?

Thank you
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Re: 2 computers using the same virtual OS ?

Postby mpack » 8. Jan 2019, 11:48

Possible: yes. But not guaranteed. It depends on how the school system was designed. If it was me then the school system would be using linked clones of a master VM (each student's disk only containing the differences relative to the master), and since the referenced master VM is not on your eSATA drive, you can not run that VM at home. The likelihood of this depends on what the guest OS is. If it's Windows then they'll have taken measures to stop students stealing copies. If it's Linux then nobody cares.

Even if it was a stand alone VM there could be registration, login or activation problems. We can't know - but you can find out very quickly by trying it.

And I'm assuming that at the very least the school is using VirtualBox and not some other VM platform. All bets are off if they're not.
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