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Shared Folders in Box 5.2 - Win98

PostPosted: 25. Dec 2018, 18:55
by Tonatiuh
Host: macOS High Sierra
Guest: Windows 98

I need to use 1.7G of files into a Win98 guest but this version of VBox has no GuestAdditions for Win98 (VBoxWindowsAdditions*.exe doesn't run). Does anybody know if there is any way to share folders under this scenario?


Re: Shared Folders in Box 5.2 - Win98

PostPosted: 25. Dec 2018, 21:32
by socratis
It's kind of difficult, because the Windows networking (SMB) that your OSX host uses (SMB 3.0 according to Apple) and your Win98 guest uses (SMB 1.0) are not talking to each other.

Your best option would be to create an ISO from your host (I prefer Keka to do that) and mount it in your guest.

Just for completion, and if you don't want to use any 3rd party tools, VirtualBox provides its own ISO creation tool, but I think it's way too complicated for what you want to do. See ch. "9.36 VISO file format / RTIsoMaker" in your included User Manual PDF.

Moving them from Win98 -> 10.14, that's another story. And not VirtualBox related...

Re: Shared Folders in Box 5.2 - Win98

PostPosted: 28. Dec 2018, 15:16
by mpack
I've had some success in the past by creating the SMB shared folder inside the Win98 guest, rather than try to share a host folder. I assume this is because while Win98 doesn't recognize shared folders advertised by more modern OS (can't handle more modern security), those more modern OS do recognize SMB 1.0 shares.

It's still pretty clunky though.