Internal Network help

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Internal Network help

Postby lostandconfused » 1. May 2018, 22:52

I understand this may be more of a general networking question and less about how to work VB, but I thought i would give this a shot.

I have two VM's and a Host.
VM1 has two Nics, One NIC is connected to Hosts via Bridged Network to connect to HOSTS network, and the other is connected to the Internal Network "int1".

VM2 has one nic and is connected to Internal Network int1.

Both VM's nic's that are connected to the internal network have DHCP dissabled, and configured with / IP's respectively. with a Mask of

All Firewall are disabled.

Im trying to get the HOST to be able to ping VM2 thru VM1.
I can get both VM1 and VM2 to ping each other through the network, but VM2 cannot ping Host, and Host cannot ping VM2.

I know a little about networking, but not a lot about routing. I thought that by adding static routes this would work, but I am not getting anywhere.

Can someone lend a hand in getting this configuration to work?

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Re: Internal Network help

Postby socratis » 1. May 2018, 23:39

I'm afraid you might have better luck in a networking related forum, unless our network gurus have specific ideas. The principles are the same.

A couple of things:
  1. This is not a VirtualBox related question, it's a networking question mostly, and
  2. What you're going to need to install in VM1 (I believe) is a router that takes the packets from network A and forwards it to network B (and vice versa).
I've heard that pfSense might help you in those cases. It's highly recommended in the VirtualBox forums for its easiness. I download it once, but I had no networking needs like that...

You might want to search for "pfsense" to restrict your search hits to this site only....
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Re: Internal Network help

Postby lostandconfused » 1. May 2018, 23:56

I appreciate the response. I was not sure if windows would do routing. I was hoping it would. I was testing this scenario in virtualbox because I need to get it to work for real.
Added hardware (ie adding pfsense) would not be an option for me.
Using pfsense though will and does work with vbox, i have used it before on other VM's.

I was just looking for a solution using strictly the VM's and no other router in between.
like you said, this is a networking specific question and not Virtualbox only.....also like you said, I hope maybe a forum network guru might chime in and help :)
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Re: Internal Network help

Postby BillG » 2. May 2018, 01:38

A better idea would be to only have one NIC in each vm. Run the pfsense router appliance in a separate vm to route between the vms and the physical network. You don't really need DHCP on the internal network. pfsense will do that for you.
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Re: Internal Network help

Postby lostandconfused » 2. May 2018, 01:45

I am trying to simulate a real world situation where a pfsense box would not be an option. I understand pfsense is great, i use it myself at home, it also works nice in a virtual environment....but for what I am trying to mimic here would not be able to use pfsense for other reasons that are not worth getting into in this post.
If its at all possible to do this without pfsense or some other router hardware/software, this is what I am after.
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Re: Internal Network help

Postby lostandconfused » 2. May 2018, 03:05

Ok, well I found what I was looking for.
For anyone else who may be searching for similar...I had to enable routing and remote access on the VM with two nics.
I should have stated these were windows Guest VM's, but that aside, here is what I did and it works.

Go to Start and search on cmd or command. Right click on either cmd or command then select Run as administrator. At the command prompt type regedit. Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\Tcpip\Parameters\IPEnableRouter setting, right click and select Modify. Change 0 to 1 and exit the editor.

When your back at the command prompt type services.msc and navigate to the Routing and Remote Access service. Right click and select Properties. Change to Automatic and click on Start to start the service.
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