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Remove Data Only

PostPosted: 20. Apr 2018, 18:17
by chikitin

I will be attending an intense program where we will be using corporate computers. During the cohort, we will be installing many software and generate many codes and data. After the cohort is over, we will turn in our laptops. I was thinking of using a Virtual Box ( Mac/Linux guest) and the day before cohort is over, delete all the Data and keep all the settings ( All open source software, etc.) I was wondering if there is a factory setting so that only from OS with its added settings are kept?

Thank you in advance,


Re: Remove Data Only

PostPosted: 20. Apr 2018, 18:55
by socratis
Deleting the whole Virtual OS is a VirtualBox functionality. Everything is gone.
Deleting selective parts of a virtual OS, is an OS functionality. VirtualBox has no idea what's in that OS.
If you selectively want to delete data from the virtual OS, that is not a VirtualBox question I'm afraid.