No audio and iPhone not recognised

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No audio and iPhone not recognised

Postby zuccameme » 12. Apr 2018, 14:31

Hi there,

I am running Mac High Sierra on VB on my WIndows 10 PC for the purposes of using XCode and Swift. In order to practically work on iOS development, I need to be able to run test apps on my iPhone, however, it is not being recognised by the OSX. I have added it as a USB device and Virtual Box recognises when it is plugged in or not, but it's not showing as a listed device in the Mac OSX. Another problem is that despite having enable input and output audio for the virtual machine, I cannot even listen to a youtube video through the virtual machine and when I checked system preferences, it said that no output/input devices were found. I have the VB extension pack. I am not sure whether these are independent problems or whether they are related. I have uploaded the log file after shutting down the virtual machine.

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Re: No audio and iPhone not recognised

Postby andyp73 » 12. Apr 2018, 14:42

VBox.log wrote:
00:00:01.306024 OS Product: Windows 10
00:00:01.306025 OS Release: 10.0.16299
00:00:01.306025 OS Service Pack:
00:00:01.335940 DMI Product Name: 81B0
00:00:01.339876 DMI Product Version: Lenovo V330-14IKB

This tells us that you have a Windows 10 host system manufactured by Lenovo on which you are trying to run a macOS guest. This is both unsupported and a violation of Apple's Software License Agreement. This thread will shortly get locked by a site admin and you should then start to worry whether any knock at the door is representatives from a fruit based organisation in Cupertino.

My crystal ball is currently broken. If you want assistance you are going to have to give me all of the necessary information.
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