There is no option for Ubuntu 64 bit

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There is no option for Ubuntu 64 bit

Postby Tesla » 19. Nov 2017, 11:01

I am completely new to this forum. I would like to ask if anyone knows how to solve this problem. I want to use Ubuntu from VirtualBox. The “Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager” has four tabs: New, Settings, Discard, Show. When you click on New, a window pops up and you are asked to name your operating system. I named it Ubuntu. Below the box where you named your system, there are two drop-down menus: Type, and Version. For Type, you choose Linux, of course. But for Version, the drop-down menu has choices like Arch Linux (32 bit), Debian (32 bit), Gentoo (32 bit), Mandriva (32 bit), Ubuntu (32 bit), Other Linux (32 bit). But THAT is my problem. I need an option for Ubuntu (64 bit) and that option is not in the drop-down menu! Any suggestions about how to overcome this problem, please? Because there is no option for 64-bit, I keep getting (on VirtualBox) the message THIS KERNEL REQUIRES AN x86-64 CPU, BUT ONLY DETECTED AN i686 CPU.
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Re: There is no option for Ubuntu 64 bit

Postby mpack » 19. Nov 2017, 11:07

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