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V5.1.8 - Network problems

PostPosted: 21. Oct 2016, 22:39
by trl

I hope to post in the right section, otherwise please move it. I think we discovered a bug in the latest VirtualBox release:

We use Virtualbox to provision VMs with Vagrant (latest). After Upgrading to Virtualbox 5.1.8 I get network-errors/problems very often e.g. Composer Content-Length Mismatch, apt-get "Can't resolve ...", pecl gets corrupt data.

How can I ensure that the Problem is a VirtualBox-Problem?
1. I upgraded before (this was the only change)
2. If I switch back it's working
3. It's not one Endpoint not working there are several (packagist, ubuntu-mirrors, pecl)
4. Composer commands are tested e.g. on host and working on there

How can I help you to resolv the Problem?
Best Regards!

Re: V5.1.8 - Network problems

PostPosted: 22. Oct 2016, 15:44
by socratis
Vagrant is a program that relies on VirtualBox but modifies its configuration files in unknown ways to us. It is not supported on these VirtualBox user forums, they have their own vagrant support channels. If you are having this problem with a standalone version of VirtualBox, then we can continue this discussion.

Re: V5.1.8 - Network problems

PostPosted: 6. Nov 2016, 14:42
by sebasy

I can confirm the errors tri is talking about. I am using a standalone version of Virtualbox and installed Ubuntu 14.04. Several issues that are often related to cache appear often. Right now I'm getting errors with aptitude, pecl and composer. For aptitude, I'm getting a "hash sum mismatch error". For pecl, I'm getting "no releases for package exist". For composer, I'm getting "zlib_decode(): data error". Again, googling all those errors people advise clearing cache in these package managers.

Re: V5.1.8 - Network problems

PostPosted: 6. Nov 2016, 14:45
by socratis
You might have a case of ticket #16084. See for the latest updates and related discussion.