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Re: Discuss the 5.0.10 release

PostPosted: 16. Dec 2015, 14:15
by loukingjr
Lim wrote:The only thing I have done in between is: SHUTING DOWN VB AND START IT AGAIN !!! :roll:
Happy! :D
Glad it's working. I'm not sure what quitting VirtualBox and restarting it has to do with it. I never had to quit VirtualBox.

Re: Discuss the 5.0.10 release

PostPosted: 18. Dec 2015, 16:45
by ssawgift
I reported two minor issues with the old 5.0.8:

I still have these two problems with 5.0.10.

My system is Windows 10. It seems recent versions (5.0.8 and 5.0.10) are causing a very weird network problem at user logon. The network shows connected to WiFi but no internet connections can be made. I have to disconnect and reconnect to get it back working. It only happens at user logon. One more interesting thing is that after power off my computer and next morning I power on it, I do not have this problem; but during the day if I reboot/reset or even cold reboot my computer, I will have this problem.

If I uninstall VB, then this problem is gone.

BTW, when will a new version be ready?

Re: Discuss the 5.0.10 release

PostPosted: 18. Dec 2015, 17:20
by socratis
ssawgift wrote:BTW, when will a new version be ready?

Friday... It always comes out on Fridays... ;)

No, seriously, they never announce it beforehand. Even if there is some movement in the Beta forums, they still tell us jack. Which is a good_thing™.

Re: Discuss the 5.0.10 release

PostPosted: 26. Jan 2016, 11:50
by Giangi
Giangi wrote:As suggested by @mpack here I'm reposting a problem I have with NAT on Win7 32bit with Forefront TMG client installed...

NAT isn't working anymore. I'm primarily using VB on a network which has Microsoft Forefront TMG as proxy/firewall (it's actually in the process to be replaced, probably by first months of 2016).

Just in case someone else maybe interested, I have solved with a trick: installed cNTLM on the host and configured the guest with NAT to use it as a proxy. It works.