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Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 22. Mar 2015, 01:21
by noteirak
This topic is dedicated to Hyperbox, a tool written in Java, entierly free and open source to manage VirtualBox accross multiple servers. Main use case is managing dedicated hosts running headless VMs in VirtualBox.
It is aimed to offer more than the VirtualBox features in later versions, aiming to be an equivalent to VMware vCenter.
This topic is provided if you don't want to use the dedicated communication channels available.

Official Website
User Manual

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Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 1. Aug 2016, 20:30
by mribichich
Hi there, I'm trying to create a windows machine, for example xp, from my client. the thing is that i need to connect to the vm to set up windows.
is there a way or is not supported?

And on the other hand, i created a vm from the client with an X.iso and then i created a vm from the server with the same X.iso, and when I try to register the second vm in the client, it gives me an error saying that the X.iso image is already registered.

Is not supported to have to vms created from the same iso file?


Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 4. Aug 2016, 14:04
by noteirak
About connecting to the VM, you can do it yes. You still need to install the official extension pack directly using VirtualBox binaries, either via the GUI or via the CLI (vboxmanage). Once you installed it, restart hyperbox.
You will then be able to configure the Remote info in the VM settings directly.
From the client side, the Hyperbox client will auto-configure RDP clients (mstsc for Windows, rdesktop for Linux) on first install and you can then use the "Connect" button in the VM details next to the Console field.

About the ISO, this is directly related to VirtualBox. Each time you use a new ISO (or any storage file), an internal UUID is assigned to it. UUID are unique per VirtualBox user profile, but are kept inside the VM config file.
This means that a UUID was assigned to the ISO when you used it under the server account. Then another UUID was assigned when you used it from the client.
So when trying to import your VM config, there is a UUID conflict for the same ISO.
The way to fix it is to remove the ISO from the config of either VM, then try importing again.

Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 9. Aug 2016, 15:56
by mribichich
Ok great thanks for the info. Just to check, can I connect to the vm, before installing the OS? just to set it up, like windows does, that you have to choose the the language, partition, and then install windows.
In that case also I can connect?
Because I understand rdp, but since windows is not installed yet, that can not be use.


Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 10. Aug 2016, 16:45
by noteirak
Yes you can connect before installing the OS. The RDP server is not the one from the guest OS, but the one from the VirtualBox process that runs the VM, so you can see the BIOS splashscreen and everything.
It's like a real console!

Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 24. Aug 2016, 13:12
by Laca
First of all, thanks for creating Hyperbox, it helps a lot managing multiple VMs!

My question is related to the configuration possibilities of the Kryonet client.
So in my environment there are multiple (actually 4) physical CentOS servers with multiple VirtualBox VMs (CentOS again) running on all of them.
I can only access one of the servers directly, so for everything else I have to use tunneling.
And here is my problem:
For the Hyperbox client the only visible host is the one I can directly access. I can nicely manage the VMs running on that host.
For other servers I can create tunnels, so that another server's Kryonet server port is tunneled to e.g. 45613, the next to 45614, etc.
However, as far as I can see, there is no way in the Hyperbox client to specify a non-default Kryonet port for a server!

Is this really the case? If yes, then do you plan to add such configurability to the client?

Thanks a lot!


Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 24. Aug 2016, 13:23
by noteirak
You can specify another port in the host field using the regular URI/URL format, so if you want to connect to localhist with port 45613, put this in host field:
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Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 24. Aug 2016, 14:01
by Laca
Ah, thanks a lot, I should have thought of that :oops: !

Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 20. Apr 2021, 01:28
by yaume
Hi, sorry for my poor english, but it's not my native langage.

I need your help and maybe explication to understand what i do, and to be clear I'm not expert in linux, so all i do is a discovery

I install Virtualbox 1.6 on an Ubuntu 20.04 server (so without desktop)
So i do simply:
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sudo apt install virtualbox

I would like to manage VirtualBox through a windows computer with HyperBox software.

so i install Java and HyperBox server on the Ubuntu server regarding the indication on the hyperbox github page

and i install HyperBox client on my windows computer.

I can connect HyperBox client to Hyperbox server, but i can't launch Virtualbox.

When i run the command "sudo VirtualBox" there is an error indicating that Qt is not installed.

Is it possible to launch VirtualBox hypervisor without Qt and manage VirtualBox through HyperBox ?

In the section : linux installation on the VirtualBox Manual,
I see that it's possible to launch VBoxHeadless without Qt, but VBoxHeadless is for launching one VM but not the Hypervisor (or maybe i don't understand all)

Thanks for your help.

Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 20. Apr 2021, 03:23
by scottgus1
I haven't used Hyperbox, so I'm unable to help troubleshoot that part.

But were you able to run Virtualbox VMs on the headless Ubuntu server natively, sitting at the server's keyboard?

Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 21. Apr 2021, 22:47
by yaume

I don't know how we can run a VM with the keyboard.
So it's for that reason, i would like to know, if it's possible to launch Virtual Box without launching a VM, and interact with VirtualBox through Hyperbox tool or with web service.

But on internet i never find it, I hope it was possible but it seems that it's required to launch a VM to interact with VirtualBox from another Computer (like a Windows computer)

But I don't really understand why it will be not possible like a Windows a computer, because on a Windows computer it's possible to launch VirtualBox Interface without lanching a VM.


Re: Hyperbox - Discussion and Support

PostPosted: 22. Apr 2021, 01:14
by scottgus1
On a graphical desktop computer, the main Virtualbox window can be opened.. On a text-only computer, the only thing that can be used is vboxmanage commands. You'll need to know how to start VMs sitting at the physical keyboard or through a text SSH session, to confirm that Virtualbox is working on the host computer. After that, Hyperbox or other things can be included.

If you have a VM on your host, you can start it with this command on a text-only host:
vboxmanage startvm "vm name" --type headless

VMs with GUI desktops can run "headless", which really acts like 'monitorless'. You can remote into the GUI VM using Virtualbox's RDP server set up for the VM, then the VM's GUI will show in the RDP client. Native remote-in software will work too, if you have set up the network correctly.

It could be that Hyperbox is trying to run the main Virtualbox window, which is not possible on text-only hosts. I gather this from the "QT is not installed" error.

You could try PM'ing "noteirak" by clicking the username.