Running VirtualBox to emulate old hardware

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Running VirtualBox to emulate old hardware

Postby tcn » 25. Nov 2012, 22:07


I need help. I have an old piece of equipment which has an old bios with the 8.4Gig limit on the HDD (remember that time? :P).
The hard drive crashed but I have an image I would like to dump on a new disk. The HDD was a 10Gig (of course, it could only see 8); using virtualbox, I managed to dump the image on a 20Gig hard drive.

I can boot on it in the VBox no problem which is terrific. But the old hardware just hangs with no message to diagnose. Cursor in the upper left corner of the screen.....

I want to use Virtualbox to start the old BIOS so I can finally dump the image on the hard drive in the proper(?) format. When I start the machine with the old bios, I get "Attempt to register a RAM range of which parts are aldready covered existing RAM ranges. (VERR_PGM_RAM_CONFLICT)."
I don't know what to do next. The machine is fairly basic, 4 megs of RAM, IDE and floppy....

Any thought?

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Re: Running VirtualBox to emulate old hardware

Postby stefan.becker » 25. Nov 2012, 22:30

Image in which format? Made with which software?

Do you rellay want to start the image or only save data?
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