Raw disk image file

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Raw disk image file

Postby Kitter » 15. Feb 2012, 21:10

Hello all,
I've got 1:1 hard disk copy (~40GB) in a file. I want to use this raw disk image as a hard disk for a VirtualBox guest. Is it possible ?

I went through VBoxManage commands like convert(from/to)raw, createrawdisc, storageattach, but no success - the first one attempts to recreate entire 40GB file, that is not suitable for me. When i want to use my physical disk however, it works. I even found this (google it please, i can't post URLs)
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and it would be a solution for me, but it is not working in VirtualBox as the resulting file throws an error like 'Strange format' - VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED.

My OS is Windows XP 32bit, VBox version 4.1.8
I think that this all works in Linux, but i cannot use Linux...
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Re: Raw disk image file

Postby stefan.becker » 15. Feb 2012, 21:17

Torrentware? If yes, forget it. We dont support this.
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Re: Raw disk image file

Postby Duhhh » 15. Feb 2012, 22:41

I just did this - I took a HD (okay, it was a USB stick) and dumped it to a raw file, then used VBoxManage convertfromraw to make a VDI image of it. Since the default is a dynamically-allocated disk, I got a VDI that was considerably smaller than the raw image. Did you remember to zero unused sectors before you started?
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Re: Raw disk image file

Postby mpack » 19. Feb 2012, 17:40

On Windows hosts, CloneVDI with "compact" option enabled would be the easiest way to convert a raw image (see CloneVDI sticky in "Windows Hosts" forum). Ditto on Linux and Mac hosts, however Wine would be needed to run it there.
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