How to limit network bandwidth

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How to limit network bandwidth

Postby mconnor » 11. Apr 2011, 22:26

I am trying to utilize the Command line APi to limit certain resources and am trying to find the correct parameter to limit network utilization. I have tried using the NICSPEED but this does not seem ot have any effect.
I am using the command "vboxmanage modifyvm FIAPA-XP --nicspeed1 x" where x changes and looking at the network bandwidth within the virtual device and it never changes.
This might change the speed between 10 mbs, 100 mbs & 1000 mbs (and the numbers I have used go between 10 & 10000000) but I cannot tell what is really going on.

What is the correct command line parameter to limit the bandwidth - like --cpuexecutioncap.
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Re: How to limit network bandwidth

Postby Technologov » 13. Apr 2011, 20:04

Currently network bandwidth limiting is not supported by VirtualBox 4.0.4.
The API is introduced, but not implemented.

Third party software, such as "VDE wirefilter" can do the same, and can connect to VirtualBox. VDE, unfortunately, works only on Linux hosts.

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Re: How to limit network bandwidth

Postby goldengel » 10. Jun 2011, 21:46

Ohh the question is already perfect. But I am working on Windows OS.
Is there already anything for Windows?

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Re: How to limit network bandwidth

Postby lukval » 11. Feb 2013, 12:44

Hi, any news in this topic?
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Re: How to limit network bandwidth

Postby noteirak » 12. Feb 2013, 00:39

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