Problem to execute programs and add a second virtual HD

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Problem to execute programs and add a second virtual HD

Postby Thorn Striff » 29. Nov 2007, 21:47


I'm trying to run some programs from a physical drive on my Windows XP guest. One of this programs is the game called Ultima Online, the other is eMule.
I don't know why i both don't load. They give erros saying that couldn't load some needed file.
So, i tried to copy Emule files to the Guest... it worked! I can open Emule on the Guest SO but can't open the same files on my physical drive...
Some idea about how execute programs installed on my physical drive?
(yeah, im using a shared folder)

The second problem is to add a second virtual HD to my guest.
I configured the Primary Slave option to a new 10gb image and the Primary Master to a 2gb image with the SO. Nothing happens.
The SO don't shows the second virtual HD on "My Computer".
Erm... help?

I'm using a Linux Host (Ubuntu Gutsy) and Windows XP as guest.

PS: Sorry for my bag english :-(...
I'm from Brazil
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