Virtualbox for dummies.

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Virtualbox for dummies.

Postby anjang1980 » 17. Jul 2009, 00:54

Hi to all..

I am a ver newbie to this virtualbox issue and as a dummies, i am searching help from all the member on this forum. Guys, please guide me thru the process.


I am using a personal computer with a Windows XP Professional (2002) Services pack 2 operating system and i am trying to build my own webpages. The thing is, i need to design and try my webpages first before i buy a hosting. So, i am thinking to install a virtualbox on this PC and hope that the virtual mechine can be install with a windows server 2008 operating system.

My problem is :

1. I do not know which version of virtualbox that i need to install on this PC of mine?
2. Is there a step by step manual ( for dummies ~ if can ) that i can read in order to guide me to
a) Install a virtualbox on my PC.
b) Install a windows server 2008 on that virtual mechine


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Re: Virtualbox for dummies.

Postby Perryg » 17. Jul 2009, 01:50

Since this is for personal use I would suggest that you download and install the PUEL version of VirtualBox.
Here is the link to the download site

    Installing VirtualBox is fairly straight forward. Just install.
    Once you have it installed you then need to create a new virtual Machine (VM)
    put this in "how to install windows server 2008 in virtualbox" There are plenty of howto's on the internet"

These may be the biggest hints you can ever get here.
Before asking look here first VirtualBox FAQ
If you need to search for something on the forum use this:
    Search on using your search key words and followed with
    example -- USB not working
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