VRDP connection count bug? (wrong value of mcVRDPClients)

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VRDP connection count bug? (wrong value of mcVRDPClients)

Postby pvgorp » 16. Jul 2009, 07:32

Hi all,
we are using VRDP, often over a wireless connection. We have noticed several times that when a Linux rdesktop sessions is terminated due to wireless signal problems, it becomes impossible to connect again afterwards.

Our logs indicate that the error is not due to the external authentication module that we are using. Instead, it seems that the VirtualBox did not notice the disconnection from the client properly. More specifically, the mcVRDPclients variable shown on http://www.virtualbox.de/changeset/12126 does not seem to be reset.

Here is the related fragment from our server log, starting from the moment where I want to reconnect after the rdesktop sessions from my Linux client has failed due to wireless signal problems:

16:23:52.692 VRDP: New connection:
16:23:52.729 VRDP: Flags 0x00000003
16:23:52.729 VRDP: Channel: [cliprdr] [1004]. Accepted.
16:23:52.836 VRDP: Client seems to be rdesktop.
16:23:52.836 VRDP: Logon: pvgorp ( build 2600. User: [pieter@...com] Domain: [] Screen: 0
16:23:52.836 VRDPAUTH: User: [pieter@...com]. Domain: []. Authentication type: [External]
16:23:52.836 VRDPAUTH: external authentication module returned 'access granted'
16:23:52.836 VRDPAUTH: Access granted.
16:23:52.837 VRDPAUTH: Multiple connections are not enabled. Access denied.
16:23:52.837 VRDP: Connection closed:
16:23:52.837 VRDP: Logoff: pvgorp ( build 2600. User: [pieter@...com] Domain: [] Reason 0x0001.

Is it possible to reset the internal counter for the number of supposedly connected clients via VBoxManage? Or are there other workarounds or permanent solutions?

Best regards,
Pieter Van Gorp
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Re: VRDP connection count bug? (wrong value of mcVRDPClients)

Postby Perryg » 18. Jul 2009, 01:17


Things like this need to be reported at bugtracker. Link is at the bottom of my post.
You will need to setup an account there because it is a different system.
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