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Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 22. May 2014, 20:07
by stateofpsychosis
hold on...

would the guest additions and direct3d work on WIndows ME?

I have a copy of the upgrade disk so i could just upgrade my windows 98 to me

nevermind ME is a dos based OS
and is generally considered to be in the 9.x era
so I'm guessing no

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 23. May 2014, 02:00
by mpack
ME is just '98 with a facelift. So no - only the NT family has GAs.

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 23. May 2014, 13:22
by stateofpsychosis
yea more like 98 with a botched nose job :P

ME sucked hard

okay I'll just have to wait until 2000 gets here. I'm glad I ordered the right one

Might get my hands on a copy of NT as well just to complete the collection... only one I'll be missing

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2014, 16:02
by mikeinsantarosa
I have installed virtualbox winxp VMs on 2 systems, a win7 desktop & a linux antix mx14 laptop. Neither VMs' 3d acceleration work very well at all. the dxdiag tests fail for 3d.

I have some older games I'd like to get running that need 3d support.

I'd be happy to provide detailed feedback from these systems if it would help Virtualbox's 3d parts work better.

using Virtualbox 4.3.12 and vm's are winxp sp3.

If there's a better location to post this, let me know.


Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2014, 16:16
by stateofpsychosis
i've tried everything

3d works in vmware player for windows xp or 2000 as a guest eh. just fine. passed all of the dxdiag tests and everything.
I think I had to install Vmware tools though.

3d simply won't work on any windows 9.x os in a virtual machine
and there is not enough demand for it for any of the virtual machine companies to care enough to get it working.

you can get 3d working in vmware though for windows xp and 2000
I'm not sure if you can get that working for those in virtualbox as well but probably

You also might want to try some other methods for getting those games running like custom installers, compatibility mode, patches, etc
but as I stated above 3d works just fine in XP or 2000 in vmware player with vmware tools installed
(you have to usually manually change to the vmware tools video driver after installing it though)

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2014, 16:52
by mikeinsantarosa
what about VMplayer on linux?
My current favorite distro is Antix MX14, best advice to be successful here?

Is virtualbox persuing making 3d acceleration better on XP VMs?

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2014, 17:14
by stateofpsychosis
no idea haven't tried it on linux. you'd have to take a look at their site and see if they have a compatible version

I think they do though

I'm also not sure if virtualbox is working on improving their 3d support but I know that none of these companies are going to work on 3d for anything windows 9.x and below

there are also various versions of Vmware.. there's vmware fusion, player, workstation, etc
VMware player is the free one

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2014, 17:43
by mpack
Mike, please start your own support thread, describing the problem fully and providing a VM log file. See Minimum information needed for assistance.

Don't bother if it's just something dumb like failing to install the Guest Additions.

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 4. Oct 2014, 16:15
by OracleTenno
I've been trying to repeat these results, but with no luck. I'm running the latest version of VB, Windows 7 64 host, with Windows 7 64 guest. I've installed the guest additions in safe mode, using the experimental version of Direct3D support. My video card is a GTX560Ti if that matters. Every time I try to start Warframe, it just says my graphics card is not supported. I have 3D acceleration selected in the guest settings w/ 256MB of video ram.

What am I missing?

M.Lawrence wrote:I just wanted to thank the Developers of VirtualBox, and any and all volunteers that have gotten VB to where it is today.

This is Warframe running within Virtualbox. :)

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 13. Aug 2015, 08:50
by suzett
what about VMGL?

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 13. Aug 2015, 10:16
by mpack
Information on VMGL is sparse. However, check out section 4.4 of the user manual: VirtualBox already allows guest apps to access host graphics acceleration via OpenGL, Direct8 and Directx9 APIs. I'm not sure what "VMGL" is supposed to add to that.

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 13. Aug 2015, 17:09
by Brutalizer
How complete is the VirtualBox graphics support? For isntance, is whole of DX9 supported, or are there missing parts?

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 13. Aug 2015, 17:13
by mpack
That's a loaded question. Well, if I said it was complete then I could easily be proved wrong, so let's just say that there are missing parts, but I have no idea what they are. It might be more useful to test a specific application, if that's the real meat of your question.

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 13. Apr 2018, 10:23
by meiser79

I observe two major issues with 3D acceleration right now (macOS 10.13.4 host):

1. On a Ubuntu 16.04 VM guest, Activation unscaled hidpi output gives high distortion in the VM, you can easily check with glxgears. There's already a ticket under
2. On a Ubuntu 18.04 VM guest, after enabling 3D acceleration, the Ubuntu VM is unusable as it doesn't boot anymore as there's is an undefined symbol 'glFramebufferTexture2D'. The related ticket is

My question is if any of the developers is working on these issues.

Many thanks for your help.
Best regards,

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 1. Aug 2018, 11:58
by m4D
About failing dxdiag d3d tests: looks like passing these tests is not a definitive factor of acceleration working. My setup (host win7_64, guest xp64) runs d3d tests ok, with adequate peformance and even without glitches (with latest drivers). But real d3d app fails at the very initialization stage, during api calls for creation primary surfaces, offscreen backbuffer surfaces, etc. In my opinion, this does not mean, "there are missing parts(tm)". This means basic support is just *absent*. For now.