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Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 9. Sep 2012, 00:56
by AnotherLife
Quick question, is there a way to have 3d support in Firefox (I would like that 3d style option to actually show, the one that shows the site in a 3d representation)

Guest is xp32, in dxdiag it fails dx7 test and passes dx8 and dx9 :shock:

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 10. Jun 2013, 10:47
by Submaster
Hello !
I hope someone still reading this topic :)

Right now I'm conducting some experiments to explore limits of VirtualBox. So my current task is:
Hardware - Sempron 2500+, 4Gb RAM, builtin Radeon HD 3000 video
Host OS - FreeBSD 9.1 + KDE 4.8.4
Virtualization - VirtualBox 4.1.22 OSE
Guest OS - WinXP SP3

3D acceleration option is turned on, but when I try to launch any 3D application (PassMark PerfomanceTest, FurMark test ...) virtual machine crashes.
GPU-Z says there's no 3D hardware in virtual machine at all

So - it seems like I have not completed some minimal requirements. Like what ? Wrong host os (I've tried Ubuntu - and it worked, but I'm more interested in FreeBSD) ? Wrong host hardware (maybe I should try discrete video ?) Any more suggestions ?

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 5. Jul 2013, 21:22
by GTVic
Did you install the Guest Additions in Safe Mode? Press F8 during boot to enable safe mode.

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 8. Jul 2013, 12:53
by Submaster
GTVic wrote:Did you install the Guest Additions in Safe Mode? Press F8 during boot to enable safe mode.

Yes, sure. All additions installed in Safe mode, with "3D support" checkbox enabled

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 8. Sep 2013, 23:29
by Bf89
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Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 21. Oct 2013, 18:24
by Malus
Hi, just to update virtualbox to version 4.3 and everything works correctly except that if I want to enable 3D acceleration tells me the following :
The virtual machine is configured to use hardware graphics acceleration . However, the host system does not currently provide this so that you can not boot the virtual machine.

I open the terminal :
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glxinfo | grep direct


He says if I have 3D acceleration enabled .

My graphics card is Ati/Amd 3300 and I have installed the proprietary drivers (13.1 Legacy) .. My OS is Linux Mint 13 Mate 64-bit ( Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ) .
I install the Guest Additions in Safe Mode (F8),Win XP, "and 3D support" checkbox enabled.

I think the proprietary driver is properly installed ..


Anyone knows what is happening ?

Best regards.. :wink:

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 2. Dec 2013, 19:14
by M.Lawrence
Hello, this is my first post on these forums. I'm quite new to virtual machines, and I'm trying to learn about them and their development for sheer learning's sake.
This post is not meant to digress from the topic thread.

I will be posting screenshots of something I think a some people will get excited about...

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 2. Dec 2013, 19:37
by M.Lawrence
Ok. It seems I will have to wait a day before I can show what I want related to this topic. np

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 3. Dec 2013, 19:58
by M.Lawrence
I just wanted to thank the Developers of VirtualBox, and any and all volunteers that have gotten VB to where it is today.

This is Warframe running within Virtualbox. :)






It was flowing along at a respectable and playable 25fps until the main problem presented itself...

I'm guessing this is a shader support problem. Framerate also dropped into the 2-7fps range. When numerous targets were on screen.
I had some issues with having to make sure the VM captured the mouse so I could aim properly, but I was still taken aback that the game did not crash.

My system is fairly strong I guess. I built it about 2 months ago.
ASUS Maximus VI Hero motherboard.
2x EVGA Nvidia GTX-760 SCs on SLI.
32GB of RAM (2133Mhz) Dual-Channel
Intel i7 4770k Processor 3.5ghz (no need to OC yet)
120gb Samsung 840 Series Pro SSD

I commited half of the RAM to VB, and bumped up VB's graphic memory to 256.

Am I correct in assuming that in VB, the CPU is mostly responsible for graphics card emulation?

In any case, no one will probably see this post, and the good people of VB are forever working hard.
If anyone does see this, then you have my thanks. I think you guys are on the right track.
I know VB's goal is to be free, but if you guys decide to work toward a VM that can really handle this sort of thing, I will pay money for it. A near perfect VM will give a lot of non-server users and gamers the reason they need to finally fully jump on-board with Linux as their primary desktop OS. It already is for me.
But I'm just letting you all know, there is demand for a hardcore gaming-capable virtual machine, and it is commercially viable.
"If you build it, they will buy..."


This was my first time building a virtual machine as well. I am actually totally astounded by seeing this concept in action. I'll even look into learning more about the coding.

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 27. Feb 2014, 20:05
by csharporbflat
ok I wanted to add my 2 cents in here.

Keep in mind that I am not a developer

My HOST system

Windows Server 2012
Intel I7 Quad-Core Hyper-Vtx, Sandy Bridge. 3.5ghz/core
SSD main drive
Guest VM file stored on 2TB SATA 3 HD
32GB High Speed DD3 Ram
High End NVIDIA PCIe 16x Graphics with 1GB DDR5 vram

Guest system

Win XP32,
3.5GB Ram
VRAM bumped all the way up to 128MB
3D acceleration full.


So here was the interesting experiment I did.

Any games like

Civilization 4, Empire Earth 2, and so on, are horribly sluggish, have shading issues, delayed UI response, and so on.

Now I took Project64 which is a Nintendo 64 emulator. So in effect I was running a VM within a VM.

I ran Mario64, on both the Host and the Guest OS, and compared frame rates, they were nearly identical. And to my astonishment, in both circumstances they were as good as or better then playing the game on the N64 Console.

So what the hell is going oh here? Did these guys just get video/audio emulation Right? They seamed too.

Then I tried dolphin emulator and played Twilight Princess. In most of the game I got about 90 - 95% of the native Framerate of the Wii on the Host System. So dolphin also managed to do emulation right. However when I tired to do the same thing on the guest OS it just crapped out.

So what is going on here. Something is leading me to believe that there is something wrong with the way in which VBox does 3D.

Any thoughts?

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 22. May 2014, 14:21
by stateofpsychosis

so is it possible to get direct3d working on older guest os's like windows 98 or 95?

I actually need it for an early 3d game

also every time I install windows 98... after it tries to install the drivers for the hardware and restarts to boot windows 98 for the first time...
it gives me the blue screen of death saying my windows installation is invalid?
while it worked fine in VMware, virtual pc, etc

I'm only getting this problem with virtualbox

So anyways..
back to the most important question

is it possible to get direct3d working in windows 98?
is it the same method of installing Sci-Tech Display Doctor version 7 beta and do I have to install that d3d thing?
should I turn off 3d acceleration while installing windows 98 then turn it back on or something?

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 22. May 2014, 18:58
by mpack
stateofpsychosis wrote:so is it possible to get direct3d working on older guest os's like windows 98 or 95?


3D acceleration requires Guest Additions be installed in the guest, as the GAs include a specialist graphics driver. GAs don't exist for Win9x guests, nor will they ever, unless someone donates the work.

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 22. May 2014, 19:21
by stateofpsychosis
hmm well i guess i did all this for nothing

but I do have some ideas on how to get it working anyways

I found a number of custom made drivers for this
thanks to the developer kit thing you guys have on the site i think people are attempting to get it working themselves

I ran into one guy who got 3d working in 98 so i'll keep trying regardless
worse comes to worse I'll set up a duel boot on my old xp machine and install windows 98 the old fashioned way

I wonder when direct3d even came out... like what version of directx
that would give me a huge clue as to whether or not this is the reason why this game wont run

it requires direct x 7 and is known to be an early 3d game...
"the new adventures of the time machine" by far the hardest game I've ever tried to get working :P

I also have a copy of windows 2000 i ordered coming in the next couple weeks
I know that you can get 3d working on that with vmware so imagine it'll work with virtualbox since vmware sucks in comparison on 3d support.

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 22. May 2014, 19:23
by mpack
Getting 3D working is not difficult, but it will not be hardware accelerated. You're running in a VM - simulated hardware - so there's no way around it without GAs.

Re: 3D Acceleration Support

PostPosted: 22. May 2014, 19:33
by stateofpsychosis
yea i getcha the guest additions only work for 2000 and up eh
(guessing it uses the host's gpu instead of emulating)
I do have the GA's installed

It may be that i just have to trick the game into thinking the os has direct3d to get it to run
much like using something like swiftshader to bypass shader model 3.0 requirements.

we'll good thing i got 2000 coming in the mail :P

I'm still going to play around with this though
just for fun

I can edit the code for wmare to think it has 3d so maybe i'll try some drivers there
all in good fun

I'm sure windows 2000 is my only option for this game though..

either way I sure am glad you have 3d support for what you do have it for
xpmode was a huge dissapointment in virtualpc and virtualbox fixes that problem

if anyone ever made windows9.x compatible virtual machine software though.. I'd pay 100 bucks for it easy. not enough demand tho i'm sure