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Problem with the use of my "back" button on my USB

PostPosted: 4. Feb 2009, 03:59
by gstyle
Okay, so I am running XP Host with a XP Guest. I have a Logitech MX 3000 keyboard mouse combo (Usb). I have Guest Additions installed. This mouse comes with a few extra buttons on it (ie. back, forward, zoom, etc). In the Guest vbox, I am unable to make use of any of those extra features. Scrolling works with no problem. Any way to get them working?

PostPosted: 4. Feb 2009, 14:35
by Sasquatch
VB only passes a 3 button mouse to the VM. Any additional buttons like back and forward are not passed through unless you enable USB and put the mouse inside the VM, but doing so will disconnect it from the Host.