Virtualbox Python installation screen

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Virtualbox Python installation screen

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(mod edit: originally posted in "Discuss the VirtualBox 7.0.0 release")


i had think me.. wtf is this.. ? can't be, because.. or is it in ?
i was totally doubtful !
works now or works now not, if i install this Virtualbox or should i take an other VM for emulate an computer and outcast Virtualbox in future ??!!!
Why should i install this Version, if it say by self it works not because the Python core is not in and the Win32 Api lacks too at the installing in Win7pro !

some Text prevent totally from installing at the enduser.. in my h... Opinion..
it completely raises the question of whether you have to install this beforehand!
then the question if you want to install it at all !

and then and lo and behold .. damnnn.. it works...

so, now my question, what supports these advertisement at the installer before install the whole ?
it hangs really a thick question mark in the air for me !
and if there an other text in english translated.. who the ... have translate it and has not stand out ?

i bet this prevent many uninformed user from install virtualbox 7.0 !

Well, i have use Virtualbox from the first day from Innotek in Stgtt. .. and i have a biiit knowledge .. but, some thing like this surprise me actually a bit .. 8) And this from the First Day at the new 7.0 Version.. juihh..

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Re: Discuss the VirtualBox 7.0.0 release

Post by scottgus1 »

This screen only says that the Virtualbox Python 3 interface won't work unless you have Python 3 already installed, and that you'd have to plug everything together later to get the Virtualbox Virtualbox Python 3 interface to work.

It does not prevent installing of 7.0 on the Windows Host.
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Re: Virtualbox Python installation screen

Post by blackcrack »

hi ScottGus1,

well , but is an report who gives to thinking for them who not knows directly about what it is goes.. "nujes.." not any knows something about apis and Python,
for the end-user must it easy goes and this looks like an "Error"-Report so .. something not works..

If need Phyton3 for extended functions and Win32Api for also extended functions, should it also explained ..
to be in normal run not need, this should also explained.. any normal user makes on this his own thoughts...
the normal Users must be Lead in enlightenment other conversely could it goes in a wrong way..

and hey.. i had to search my posting... you have change the Header.. huhh.. well.. oky :\

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