Discuss the 6.1.28 release

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Re: Discuss the 6.1.28 release

Postby AndyCot » 26. Oct 2021, 00:16

VB 6.1.29-147826 test build just released in the last 24 hrs still has the VERR_NEM_VM_CREATE_FAILED error, so back to 6.1.26 again.
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Re: Discuss the 6.1.28 release

Postby captainapathetic » 27. Oct 2021, 05:47

The easiest way I have circumvented the requirements is by using Rufus and the official Windows 11 ISO to flash a USB with their "Extended Installation" that applies the changes to bypass the tweaks, and then using
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vboxmanage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename /path/to/file -rawdisk (/dev/sd* or .PhysicalDrive#)
to mount the USB drive to the VM as a boot drive for the install
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Re: Discuss the 6.1.28 release

Postby mpack » 27. Oct 2021, 10:05

There's an online media creation script (on github I think) that will apply the same tweaks and create an ISO that can be used directly and retained for future use. That's how I installed Win11 without trouble in 6.1.26. Obviously this will work in other versions too, including 6.1.28.

I think the procedure I used was this one. The important step is that the script offers an option to prepare an adapted version of the official Microsoft Win11 ISO.

I must say that Win11 seems to run very sweetly in 6.1.28, it might even make me a convert. I didn't even have to disable transparency effects yet, and my own OpenGL test apps work fine.
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Re: Discuss the 6.1.28 release

Postby Oracleiscool » 28. Oct 2021, 21:49

Hey Team;

I updated to this release and it was OK until MS did another 21H1 update to Windows 10 and the .net system, then (I think) it broke the VM's that were running in the VirtualBox system. I say that because I had two debian-based distros (MX21 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) setup as VM's in the Windows 10 host machine.

@fth0 helped me get the problems identified and corrected, so hats off and thanks.

I know this is a real stretch, but is there a way to talk to MS from Oracle about their impending security updates (as they roll up 21H1 in the tidbits they are deploying)
to at least get a list of impending changes as they keep moving their system toward "zero trust"? (So we could at least have a clue of where this is all going?)

I only ask this as I watch the systems load in the VM code and some of the MS coding is starting to ask my cpu (A9-9425 AMD) about certain advanced virt features, and with a negative reply from my cpu, run code around that to use a different protocol. So I am not sure that their updates are now more firmware (kernel) and then, new security code to implement. I am just saying it is getting weird. :?
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Re: Discuss the 6.1.28 release

Postby Petr Vones » 2. Nov 2021, 09:55

VirtualBox 6.1.28 (released October 19 2021)
Windows Host: Sped up large page allocations on Windows 8 and later

Many thanks for this, it works great :!: Restoring the saved machine is much faster now.
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Re: Discuss the 6.1.28 release

Postby arQon » 2. Dec 2021, 10:15

Since I don't see any mention of a fix for the initial paint bug in Linux guests, would some kind soul like to save me a probably-futile "Upgrade to .28, then downgrade to .23 again" cycle by letting me know if that works again yet? (Or if the display resize bug introduced in .24 has been fixed, in which case I can continue to just script around it instead). Thanks.

(I take it custom names for mountpoints are still broken too, but those have an easy workaround so they're less of a concern to me).
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