Separate Network for Guest and Host

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Separate Network for Guest and Host

Postby KuRl » 17. May 2021, 18:34

I am running a Windows XP Guest on VirtualBox 6.1. My Host is Linux Mint 20.
The Host is conected to 2 networks, a LAN which is only connected with one oher machine and a wifi-connection which provides internet access. I want to use the LAN network in my Guest (and i dont need it to be accesibble from the host), but the wifi-connection should only be accessible from my Host and not the Guest, because i dont want the guest to be connected to the internet. Is it possible to pass only the lan-connection to the Guest? If yes, how do i do it.

If this has been asked before i am sorry, i tried searching for it, but im not sure if im using the right keywords as im not as experienced in networking.
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Re: Separate Network for Guest and Host

Postby scottgus1 » 17. May 2021, 19:40

See Virtualbox Networks: In Pictures.

Use Bridged, and Bridge to the LAN ethernet adapter. Then the XP VM will connect to the LAN. You need a DHCP server on the LAN to hand out IP addresses, or you can set a static IP address inside XP to an IP address in the same IP range the LAN uses. If you have everything set up correctly you should be able to ping to and from the XP VM to the LAN. You have to turn on Ping (ICMP Echo Request) in XP's firewall.
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