Start App only without, running full Virtual OS.

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Start App only without, running full Virtual OS.

Postby anonymoustly » 13. Apr 2021, 10:44

Is it possible to run App as a App only (as Wine on Linux), without running the full desktop or at least not seeing them? (desktop running inviewable in background)
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Re: Start App only without, running full Virtual OS.

Postby mpack » 13. Apr 2021, 11:57

It's a pity that you have that confusing reference to Wine, since Wine is not comparable to any feature of a Hypervisor. Wine is essentially just a Win32 compatible graphics framework.

Fundamentally: an app can't run on bare metal without an OS.

You can in theory run in "seamless mode", which hides the guest desktop (details in manual). Frankly I think that just adds confusion - the desktop is still there, only now you can't see it. Invisible desktops aren't the most user friendly ideas in the world. Better IMO to stick with the honest approach: think of it as RDPing into another PC that runs your app. Don't look to pretend that it's something it isn't.
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