Virtualbox VRDP repeating / stuck keys

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Virtualbox VRDP repeating / stuck keys

Postby sai-mike » 12. Apr 2021, 03:27

I have several Windows 7 guests running headless on a Debian 9 host. Each guest is configured with a bridged network adapter and assigned a static IP address. Each guest is also configured with a unique remote display port. Each guest also has Windows remote desktop connections enabled.

I find the performance is better connecting with RDP to the Windows machine using the static IP and that is how I normally connect. On occasions, there will be some problem with the Windows start-up and then I need to connect using Virtualbox VRDP to fix the problem. If I am on the local network, both methods work fine. However if I connect remotely over a slow connection (satellite) Microsoft RDP works fine (albeit a little clunky over satellite) and Virtualbox RDP is almost completely unusable. The VRDP problem is repeating keystrokes like having a stuck key on the keyboard. The mouse works fine, but for every key typed on the keyboard I get a random number of repeats. For example, type the word 'issue' and I get iiiiisssssssssuuuuuueeeee on the remote machine. If I type very slowly letting each character appear on-screen before typing the next, I can sometimes get a complete word typed with no repeats.

Has anyone ever seen this problem or have any ideas to try for a fix? Thanks.
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